Savoy Mesquite

  • Savoy Mesquite

    An optimal environment for storing and aging your cigars is created with premium cedar materials in Savoy Humidors. Precise assembly ensures a consistent, reliable seal in every box. The highly desirable Mesquite series reveals striking wood grains in a polished, luminescent finish with marvelous transition. Contemporary appointments include a chrome lock and tasseled key and a sharp, black edge lining the corners. The sleek Mesquite finish adds high-end appeal to an array of office and living spaces.


    Small25 Cigars10 ¼ L x 8 ¾ W x 4 ½ H
    Medium50 Cigars11 ¾ L x 9 ½ W x 5 H
    Large100 Cigars13 ½ L x 9 ⅜; W x 6 ¼ H