Savoy Bubinga

  • Savoy Bubinga

    Savoy Bubinga humidors feature a breathtaking wood, often utilized in the construction of harps and other fine musical instruments.  A minor hint of red color showcases the remarkable wood grains bordered by a sleek, black top edge.  Present a stylish, sound home for your cigars and display it proudly as a centerpiece.


    Small25 Cigars10 ¼ L x 8 ¾ W x 4 ½ H
    Medium50 Cigars11 ¾ L x 9 ½ W x 5 H
    Large100 Cigars13 ½ L x 9 ⅜ W x 6 ¼ H
    Extra Large150 Cigars15 ⅞ L x 12 W x 8 ⅛ H